Adult and child Psycho-Social Support/Counselling


Our psychologists work with individuals who exhibit a variety of developmental needs, social difficulties and high levels of anxiety.  Our aim is to support our clients to lead happier, more productive lives and to reach an overall improved quality of life.  We work collaboratively with the clients and their families in building skills for personal independence and other adaptive skills for home, college and community settings.

To guide the best way to proceed to meet your or your child’s needs during sessions, it would be most helpful to have beforehand:

  • *Copies of previous evaluation reports, if any are available
  • *A list of questions you would like answered from this consultation, or issues you hope to address through the counselling process
  • *Any specific concerns you may have.

Parents of children will be asked to attend the initial session where goals to be addressed will be agreed and six weekly review sessions. Adults may, if relevant, invite one or both of your parents, partner, sibling or close friend to come with you to the initial session as this can be very helpful.  We also encourage regular review sessions with your family/friends who are providing support.  Adult sessions are 50 minutes in duration. The length of sessions with children will depend on the child. Feedback will be provided where necessary to parents after each session.

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